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Hello, are you in need of
future magic?

Digital Capital is a young experience agency delivering UX/UI design & engineering, brand & customer experiences and experiential commerce for a clientele ranging from nimble startups through established internet companies to bold brands.


“Our mission:
making the Digital World more useful,
seamless & beautiful.”

Gábor Kaizer, MBA
CEO, head of strategy


We are harnessing design, engineering, data, growth marketing & future magic in order to deliver:

Experience &
Interface Design

  • Responsive webdesign, website redesign
  • User experience design
  • Rapid prototyping, clickable wireframes
  • User interface design for web & mobile
  • Qualitative & quantitative user research
  • Funnel analysis, A/B & multivariate testing

Web & Mobile

  • Technology stack: React, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP
  • Responsive front-end development
  • Cross-platform mobile development
  • Webshop development (WooCommerce & Shopify)
  • System design specification

Customer & Brand

  • Experience strategy
  • Service / product design & engineering
  • 360 creative concepts & innovation ideas
  • Experience- & data-driven marketing
  • Growth hacking, buzz & viral marketing
  • Branding & identity design for startups

“you need to understand what we call digital capital — the resources behind the processes key to developing new products and services for the digital economy. (...) They are manifold: the unique designs that engage large numbers of users and improve their digital experiences; (...) They also include a growing range of new business models (...), and the brand equity that companies like Google or create through digital engagement.”

Source: McKinsey Insights: Measuring the full impact of digital capital


We are serving a clientele ranging from nimble startups through established internet companies and agencies to bold brands.

  • #ResponsiveRedesign
  • #FrontEndDevelopment

We redesigned and re-engineered the number one apartment renting portal of Hungary in order to give them a sleek, clear, groovy look.



  • #UI/UX
  • #MVP

We designed the UI/UX from the early beginning of the digital health startup Healcloud, now backed with 1,1 m EUR.

Greenpeace CEE

Greenpeace CEE

  • #Webdesign
  • #LandingPage
  • #SocialMediaCreatives

Our agency developed the landing page, social media creatives & relating design materials for Greenpeace's solar energy campaign, running in several European countries. Also, we managed the Google AdWords & Facebook ads campaign in Hungary.

HorseRisk by Generali

HorseRisk by Generali

  • #ServiceDesign
  • #ServiceEngineering
  • #eCommerce

We designed & developed the first horse insurance’ online presence in the CEE region. We helped the founder with process design, UI/UX design & PHP programming in order to put this e-commerce platform online.

DJ Börze

DJ Börze

  • #ResponsiveDesign
  • #FrontEndDevelopment

We gave a totally reinvented look-n-feel with our responsive design to a decade-old Hungarian audio/music niche marketplace.



  • #UI/UX
  • #MVP

We delivered the UX/UI design for "the world's easiest 3D modeler" Shapr3D beta.

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