Summary Gobbledygook

“Our mission:
making the Digital World more useful,
seamless & beautiful.”

Digital Capital is a young experience agency delivering UX/UI design & engineering, brand & customer experiences and experiential commerce for a clientele ranging from nimble startups via established internet companies to bold brands.

We think of ourselves as more post-geographic, but headquartered in Budapest, at the affordable eastern edge of the European Union.


Gábor Kaizer, MBA
CEO, head of strategy
Krisztián Kaizer
head of engineering

Core competencies

Hello, are you in need of
Future magic?

We are harnessing design, engineering, data, growth marketing & future magic in order to deliver:

Experience & interface design

  • Responsive webdesign, website redesign
  • User experience design
  • Rapid prototyping, clickable wireframes
  • User interface design for web & mobile
  • Qualitative & quantitative user research

Web & mobile engineering

  • Technology stack: WordPress, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, React
  • Responsive front-end development
  • Cross-platform mobile development
  • Webshop development (WooCommerce & Shopify)
  • Service design & engineering

Customer & Brand Experiences

  • Experience- & data-driven marketing
  • Branding & identity design for startups
  • Growth hacking, buzz & viral marketing
  • Experiential commerce
  • Funnel analysis, A/B & multivariate testing


We are serving a clientele ranging from nimble startups via established internet companies and agencies to bold brands.

  • #ResponsiveRedesign
  • #FrontEndDevelopment

We redesigned and re-engineered the number one apartment renting portal of Hungary in order to give them a sleek, clear, groovy look.



  • #UI/UX
  • #MVP

We designed the UI/UX from the early beginning of the digital health startup Healcloud, now backed with 1,1 m EUR.

Greenpeace CEE

Greenpeace CEE

  • #Webdesign
  • #LandingPage

Our agency developed the landing page & relating design materials for Greenpeace's solar energy campaign, running in several European countries. Also, we managed the Google AdWords & facebook ads campaign in Hungary.

HorseRisk by Generali

HorseRisk by Generali

  • #ServiceDesign
  • #ServiceEngineering
  • #eCommerce

We designed & developed the first horse insurance’ online presence in the CEE region. We helped the founder with process design, UI/UX design & PHP programming in order to put this e-commerce platform online.

DJ Börze

DJ Börze

  • #ResponsiveDesign
  • #FrontEndDevelopment

We gave a totally reinvented look-n-feel with our responsive design to decade-old Hundarian audio/music niche marketplace.



  • #UI/UX
  • #MVP

We delivered the UX/UI design for "the world's easiest 3D modeler" Shapr3D beta.